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Got a creative home project, lofty aspirations and a modest budget? Hey, we’ve been there too.


Superior finishing touches

Plank Hardware was created for those who won’t compromise on their Pinterest #interiorgoals. We design stylish hardware products in high quality materials, and offer them to you for a pretty fair price — premium, grid-worthy finishing touches that don’t cost a fortune.


Calling Generation DIY

What's more, we’re on a mission to inspire a generation of kick-ass DIYers. Sick of that hand-me-down wardrobe? Hack it. Unhappy with your kitchen hardware? Tweak it. Say no to mediocre metalwork roll up your sleeves, dial up your creativity and make that mood board you’ve manifested a reality.


Get a handle on your home

You’re the boss of this project but, if you need some pointers, we’re your extra pair of hands (and eyes). From styling advice through to practical installation tips, we’ll pick up the slack when you need us to. So whether you’re a first time hacker, or a seasoned interiors buff, choose Plank products for your creative project of any scale; tweaks, hacks and renovations. 

Inspired? It’s time to get a handle on your home.